Thursday, April 10, 2008

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"Hipple Street; the four piece from Bray were first to take to the stage to the delight of their loyal fans. The Hipple Street lads played a great set bringing their own unique funky and sometimes bluesy sound. Neil Byrne (Guitar and Vocals) and Nigel Wheatley (Bass and Vocals) both sang brilliantly, their voices complimenting each others perfectly and harmonizing seamlessly while giving it their all through the entire performance. Although they are quite a young band they were very comfortable on stage and seem to really enjoy performing. Hipple Street are true professionals and all members demonstrated an abundance of talent and great mastery of their instruments and vocals. Their sound is so fresh, funky and energetic that you can't help but take to the dance floor when they're playing. It was unfortunate that they were the first act of the night as a lot of people missed out on seeing this truly excellent band."
- review of Hipple Street's performance at the Ambassador Theatre

Video - Naturally In Harmony

The music video for Naturally In Harmony, as recorded around Dublin City Centre and the Ambassador Theatre on O'Connell Street

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"Hipple Street should really be a household name by now. If that sentence doesn't spell out the quartet's ultra-mainstream musical leanings, then nothing else will; making pop music that embodies more sunshine than KC, his band and their respective sunbeds all together, their second single Naturally In Harmony comes hot on the heels of Irish top thirty hit 'Inspector Rita'. Sounding like a cross between the theme tune to a '70s US sitcom and the Jackson 5, Naturally In Harmony is a brilliantly bouncy little pop song that strongly suggests that this is a band who have raided their parents' golden-era-of-pop record collections."

Lauren Murphy -

Reviews - Hotpress

"The sound of Hipple Street, the four-piece unit of multi-instrumentalists from Wicklow, is redolent of 70's pop-disco, paying homage to acts like Earth, Wind and Fire and The Jackson Five. "Naturally In Harmony" mixes an attractive, tuneful melody and harmonies with an infectious funk-lite groove. Their polished brand of groovesome pop could work well in the USA or elsewhere."

Jackie Hayden - Hotpress Magazine

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Friday 16th of Feb 2007

Neil and Nigel appeared to balconytv and performed an acoustic version of their Top 30 Hit "Inspector Rita"


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Being multi-instrumentalists, Hipple Street have set out with the idea of creating something new and different. Influenced by such greats as Steely Dan, Earth Wind & Fire, George Benson and Stevie Wonder - the aim has been to create and produce a brand of music that would one day live up to the qualities and achievements of these influential icons.

With the collaboration of their styles of funk, jazz, classic rock merged with the skills of pop producer Andy Reynolds, this combination led them to the Hipple Street signature sound.

Last year, at the invitation of IMRO, Hipple Street entered the song "Havana" into the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) in Nashville Tennessee, reaching the quarter-finals globally. The judging panel consisted of such industry heavy-weights as P Diddy, Michael McDonald, Steve Lillywhite and Monte Lipman.

Hipple Street

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